Value of “life-time” offers.

As one ages, the meaning and importance of common phrases can change dramatically... case in point, "life-time" offers... ;-)  Read More


Does a beard add or subtract marketing value?

Just a little marketing test for yours truly: What value does a beard add (or subtract) from a man's image if you were to consider doing business ...  Read More


ValYouAdded Creative Confidence

  Increase your confidence through the use of the  power of design thinking. This book, Creative Confidence, written by the Kelley brothers will iinform you, inspire ...  Read More


Most enjoyable way to add value?

What is your most enjoyable way to add value to people's lives? In this a part of your business or means of earning an ...  Read More


Add Value Collaborative Writing Project

Come join me in my experimental ValYoAdded Journal collaborative   writing project on the subject of adding value!  I'm working on the details but keep watching for ...  Read More

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